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Registry Office

Administration Division

  • To manage all service matters involving officers and staffs from appointment and retirement.
  • To manage matters regarding leave involving officers and staffs
  • To manage matters regarding appointment warrant dan general administrative matters.
  • To manage the appointment of the Commissioner for Oaths.
  • To manage issuance office passes and authorization cards.
  • Responsible to all matters regarding administration of human resource and trainings matters.
  • To manage all matters regarding personnel disciplinary and integrity.
  • To manage all registration, maintenance, location and disposal of assets in Asset Management System (SPA).
  • To manage all star unit and record star in Store Management System (SPS).
  • To be responsible on court's building and facilities.
  • To regulate building's security and maintenance.
  • To manage administration and maintenance of court's transportation vehicle.
  • To manage all the Honourable Judges', officers' and staffs' protocol matters.


Financial Division

To control and monitor Court's emolument and over-the-counter fees/charges.

  • To maintain Deposit/Trust Account.
  • To received and record revenues from IGFMAS to government revenue.
  • To process and maintain deposit refund.
  • To manage government's procurements and payments voucher.


Procurement And Asset Division

  • To manage procurement contract including safety, cleanliness etc
  • To manage the registration and disposal of assets.