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Mediation Standard Operating Procedures



    • Fill in the consent form (Form 1) for mediation which can be found in the Sarawak CMS or from the Sub Registry Counter Then, submit your request to mediate to the through CMS e-filing.
    • The mediation centre will register the said mediation in the CMS and the parties need to submit the summary of the case within two weeks after the mediation has been registered and inform the officers selected as a mediator through their interpreters. The date of the mediation session to be fix.


    During Mediation:

    • All parties are requested to be present at the mediation centre 15 minutes before the determined mediation session.
    • All parties are encouraged to send only one representative to attend the mediation session.
    • All attending representatives must have the mandate to make decisions.



    • Where a case has been successfully resolved, the Lawyer must prepare the draft order, agreed upon and signed by the parties involved and informed the Court to for the purposes of recording the Consent Order.
    • A copy of the draft order must be sent to the Mediation Center as notice.
    • Cases which fail to be resolved will be returned to the Judge or the Magistrates Trial Court.